Friday, July 22, 2016

At this date, I think it good to revisit my earlier comparison between a million and one. Large numbers are sometimes difficult to reason about, so perhaps using a log scale would help. Let's see... Yep, six strictly exceeds zero.

I am reminded of Peter Thiel's 2009 counsel to escape politics (though he clearly hasn't escaped yet). He sees technology as liberty's only hope. I wish the techno-libertarians well. Why do I say that, when I have become much less individualist over the years? I am simply concerned for the freedoms of my religious community. The Democratic presidential nominee promises nothing but setbacks on that front, and the Republican nominee's promises on that front are worthless because (1) he is incompetent and foolish in a million ways and (2) his harshness invites a huge backlash to come after him. I have reservations about the libertarian nominee, but I have yet to think of a better protest vote.

Update: See also this and this.