Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Iran and Sadr

Michael Ledeen is doing what he always does: warning about Iran. This time he's pointing out evidence of a link between Sadr and Iran. See his writings here and here. Also see this post at the Belmont Club. Back in 2002, he saying that we should change the Iranian regime before overthrowing Saddam, which I would have agreed with had I thought it practical. And he still advocates regime in Iran, but (here's where the practicality comes in) not by force, but by giving money and vocal moral support to democrats within Iran. It sounds good to me, and we should do it, but who knows how long it will to take to succeed, or even if it will succeed? We should be under no illusions that some Iranians can overthrow their government without military help. Meanwhile, we have to deal not only with any Iranian meddling that might be occurring neighboring Iraq and Afghanistan, but with the Iranian nuclear weapons program. If it's just a matter of taking out a few key facilities, then I vote for an Osirak redux. My second choice is economic sanctions, which, like nonviolent support of Iranian revolutionaries, have no guarantee of success.

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