Saturday, August 07, 2004

Not about politics

Yeah, I haven't blogged in a while. My mind has been on math. I found some a bunch of new results and couldn't resist adding them to my ever-lengthening paper on branch products. (Yes, I coined that term.) Hydra-like, I have split two non-interacting parts of the paper into two separate papers. One paper seems almost done, meaning I haven't thought of any new results for a while and have proofread it a few times. If I'm smart, I'll submit it to Order before I do think of anything to add to it. The other paper is not-so-done, as all the new results belong in it.

I've been able to do both plenty of math and blogging in the past. But it's August, and dial-up is taxing. My tentative response to all this is to expand my blog to include my thoughts on interesting stuff I found offline, as well as online. Here's my first attempt:

(The pie reads "a Milovich pie.") That's one of about ten pies my second sister Julie has made this week. As usual, when her heart is in a task, she never disappoints. You see, the apples came from our apple tree, and something had to be done before they all rotted.

If this bores you, then fear not, for I have some political posts in the hopper and should get at least one of these posts up today.