Saturday, August 14, 2004


Time flies: in just eight days, I'll be flying to Madison and grad school. I didn't get as much research done over the summer as I'd like, though I did better than I feared. Regardless, I've had a great time with my family. Just three days ago I introduced my sisters Anne and Julie to Quake II, and now Julie is as good as me. (I'm not that good, at least compared to the folks I've played with at MIT.) Still, it feels like it wasn't that long ago that I was just arriving here. Indeed, it doesn't feel like it was that long ago that I was a freshman watching movies in MIT lectures halls with my old pals.

All right, enough of this self-indulgent sentimentalism. Let's move on to my self-indulgent habit of reading opinion on the internet. Here's a thoughtful Slate piece on racsim. And this longer Policy Review article speculates on the future of terrorism. It's got lots of good thoughts, but it doesn't have the specificity I found here.

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