Sunday, September 12, 2004

Settling in

Pushing three weeks there without blogging, but I'm back. My first post will be about what I've been doing during this blogging break: settling in at my new place in Madison. Urban navigation is much easier for me to master here than in Cambridge, and I like the scenery better. The process of getting to know people takes longer than that of getting to know streets, but I've already met more interesting people than I can keep track of, so I'm quite optimistic on that front.

Compared to my undergrad time at MIT, some things are very different, like having office in a tall building and commuting two miles to it. Also new is the consequent regular exercise I'm riding my a bicycle. By far the biggest difference is living in an apartment rather than a dorm: though I have an agreeable roommate, I've yet to have any regular interaction with my neighbors (though an apartment-wide party yesterday prefigures at least some future improvement). One last difference worthy of mention is my migration of my desktop from Win2K to Debian, which has made most of computing tasks more enjoyable, now that I'm over the hump of making the important things work. (May I not have to recompile the kernel for a long time.)

On the other hand, some things will never change, to quote a very dissapointing film. Briefly, I still go to church, I'm still doing math, and I still love Dr. Pepper.