Sunday, October 24, 2004

I never thought I'd see the day....

The last two polls in Hawaii show Bush up by a point! I tentatively agree with the folks at Tradesports and give Bush a 10% percent chance of carrying the state, though that feels like an awfully high probability. On the other hand, the prospect of prolonging election-night parties until after the Hawaiian exit polls come in is fiendishly delightful to me.


Blogger Brian said...

According to somone on Daily Kos, the second poll was just of Oahu.

10/25/2004 12:06 AM  
Blogger Dave Milovich said...

From Slate's Election Scorecard: "Democratic readers are telling us to blow off the Star-Bulletin survey because it covered only Oahu. What? Oahu has 70 percent of the statewide electorate, and it voted for Gore by 15 points. Honolulu, we have a problem. We're keeping the state light blue until Bush gets closer to 50 or somebody shows Kerry leading."

10/27/2004 4:13 PM  

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