Wednesday, October 06, 2004

VP debate

Like Andrew Sullivan, but unlike just about everybody else, my initial reaction was to declare a huge Edwards win. I thought Cheney won on substance overall, and landed some hard rhetorical blows, but I hardly cared. Compared to Edwards, Cheney spoke very quietly, often mumbling, and I therefore subconsciously discounted all but his most forceful moments, giving Edwards victory almost by default.

Andrew Sullivan is standing by his initial assessment, despite the consensus against it. I'm not so confident - I don't know who won anymore. Furthermore, rewatching the debate wouldn't prove anything, because I've certainly been affected by all the commentary I've read. I'll just have let this remain a minor mystery.

Update: This article agrees with me and Sullivan that Edwards was far more telegenic, and notes the CBS poll of undecided voters which favors Edwards. I'm still stuck with my minor mystery: obviously perceptions are subjective, but I'd like to understand why there are such divergent perceptions of this debate.


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