Monday, November 29, 2004

The ad war

John Carlisle gives yet another reason Why Bush Won.
Public Opinion Strategies found that voters in six battleground states were strongly influenced by three ads -- all pro-Bush or anti-Kerry. In addition to the Swift Boat ads, they included the "Wolves," a TV ad produced by the Bush campaign using the image of a wolf pack to symbolize the terrorist threat, and the "Ashley" TV ad produced by the Progress for America Voter Fund.
Despite a huge fundraising advantage, the Democratic 527s never produced an ad that was as emotionally riveting and memorable. Said Kerry campaign advisor David Thorne, "The only three ads remembered by voters were all Republican ads -- and that was after we spent over $100 million on advertising."
I must be a sigma or two away from the mean. I didn't think "Wolves" or "Ashley" was anything special, and I haven't even seen the Swift ad.


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