Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Kerry > Edwards

During the primaries, I remember thinking Edwards would have been a more formiddable opponent to Bush. I still do, but today Kerry proved himself a better man than Edwards. Reportedly, Edwards wanted the campaign to continue until every Ohioan vote was counted, reality regardless. (Or did Edwards expect an army of lawyers to make a new reality?) Kerry did the honorable thing. Moreover, he gave a beautiful concession speech. Edwards essentially gave a stump speech. He didn't extend a single word of kindness to the other side, and his obvious but unspoken theme was "Edwards in 2008."

Update: The NYT provides confirmation:
Tellingly, associates to Mr. Edwards made a point of informing reporters that Mr. Edwards had urged Mr. Kerry not to give up in Ohio so soon, in what some Democrats described as probably the opening shot of - yes - the 2008 campaign. Mr. Edwards is likely to seek his party's nomination and thus is eager not to do anything in the final days of this campaign that could haunt him in 2008.

"He conveyed his point of view and Kerry made his own decision," one Edwards adviser said, adding that Mr. Edwards "was disappointed but made peace with the result."


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