Sunday, December 26, 2004


...was most enjoyable. Between my mom and my first two sisters, 15 and 19, there was (and still is) no shortage of delicious home cooking. This year, I wisely sent my family of list of books I'd like. The list was too long for me to expect them all, but I did get You Can't Say That!, Carnage and Culture, The Voluntary City, Bowling Alone, and The Ultimate Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

I'm already two-thirds through Bernstein's You Can't Say That!, which I so far find to be a well assembled compilation of often outrageous First Amendment violations, the more recent ones already familiar to me thanks to law blogs. I'm dissapointed that there aren't nearly as many ideas new to me in his book as there are examples, though this is unfair to Bernstein, as I've read a lot of commentary on this issue of the last few years. Perhaps in the last third of the book....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome - Eric got me "You Can't Say That!" for christmas too :-)


12/26/2004 7:06 PM  

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