Thursday, December 09, 2004

Money can't buy me...

Many a time I've read from the Left that conservative blue collar workers vote against their economic self-interest. Thomas Frank wrote a book on it, focusing on Kansas as an example of this phenomenon. Funny thing is, Kansas has a great economy compared to national averages. Perhaps this is related to the fact that Kansas ranks #1 on Forbes' U.S. Economic Freedom Index. This and other interested facts are summarized by Nick Gillespie here. He notes that though New York ranks at the bottom, a great many people overwhelmingly prefer NYC to Wichita:
The simple fact is that many people—arguably most people—are ready, willing, and able to pay a premium to live in more densely populated areas where things cost more money and take more time, where there are more regulations, higher taxes, bigger annoyances, you name it.
Perhaps Kansan voters make their economic interests a higher priority than New Yorkers. But really, what's wrong with giving something you believe in higher priority than your pocketbook? Isn't that what we call a principled sacrifice? Even valuing something frivolous more than money isn't necessarily bad.

Update: incorrect link to Gillespie's piece fixed.


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