Thursday, March 17, 2005

Dave's filter

The development of the right to privacy: from penumbras to defining one's concept of existence

On the new investor class

Eugene Volokh notes Schlafly's prescience about the ERA

Domestic violence and the Quran

Interesting SS reform prediction of Bruce Bartlett posted on Econopundit:
My prediction is that at the end of the day, Republicans and Democrats will agree to a consensus SS bill that will raise the retirement age, raise the payroll cap a little, tinker with the benefit formula and a few other things that together will keep the system going for at least the next 75 years--but no private accounts. But this will not be any Democratic victory, because personal saving accounts will then become the centerpiece of tax reform. The result will be to shield even more capital income from taxation and move more toward a consumption-based tax system--which I favor. Democrats will be unable to oppose this move because of the way they are playing their SS cards.

Mystery Pollster on this Gallup poll:
No, the collective reach of blogs is nowhere near that of television or print media, but focusing on the relatively small percentages misses the rapidly growing influence of the blog readership in absolute terms. The 12% that say they read political blogs at least a few times a month amount to roughly 26 million Americans. That may not make blogs a "dominant" news source, but one American in ten ads up to a lot of influence.


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