Thursday, May 18, 2006

Via Instapundit, I learn that Bush's immigration speech is polling very well. Now I'm having doubts about my earlier prediction of an enforcement-only bill.

Update: More recent polling is more in line with my expectations.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Frum's analysis reflects the dichotomous reaction to the speech. The public likes it because of the "something for everyone" approach, and DC hates it for what is essentially the same reason.

The poll results make one curious if only about 21 percent of those polled could define "amnesty" in the policy context...

As for future legislation, I think Senate moderates will kill any enforcement-only legislation. The question is whether or not the Senate will be able to persuade House immigration leaders (i.e. Congressman Tancredo) whether or not to couple stronger enforcement with all other reform measures--guest worker programs, border security, assimilation policies, etc.--to pass any legislation at all this year.

Also, if you're following the DOMA debate at all, check out CNN's story on the shouting match between Sen. Specter and Sen. Russ "the grandstander" Feingold.
Sad but entertaining.


5/18/2006 2:32 PM  

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