Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I found many interesting comments on an MR post about the Peace Corps. I got the impression that the Peace Corps doesn't materially help foreigners much at all, but that it does give them a better impression of the U.S. For example, I followed a link to this:
The substantive work I did wasn't all that useful... However, and this is the big kicker, while I don't know how useful PC is generally to the people we're trying to help, I'm very certain that it is incredibly, incredibly helpful to the US's image abroad. Samoa gets a lot of foreign aid, because it's both poor and peaceful. Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and China all had programs costing tens of millions of dollars in road building, harbor dredging -- expensive, useful stuff. The US gave very little aid comparatively, but a whole lot of Volunteers, and we got the credit for everything.
On the other hand, the above provoked a comment claiming that the Peace Corps is not so loved in the Dominican Republic.


Anonymous samoan said...

Samoa does not need Peace Corps anymore, they are only taking up jobs that are meant for locals, if anything they get in the way of progress and development, there presence is Samoa is our only link to the US, trust me, Peace Corps are doing more harm than good, with their cultural ignorance, their own arrogance and their lack of experience and understaning of the fact that not everyone is priveledged.

11/28/2006 4:53 AM  

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