Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My latest break from blogging was long, even for me. This can only be explained partially by the usual pleasant distractions of a Christmas vacation with my family. I've also been spending time catching up on 24 (in preparation for the start of the sixth season) and reading Orson Scott Card's Shadow series of novels. It's just this past week that I've resumed spending significant time on blogs. A few good links:

A bottleneck in the network of blood vessels in the brain.

A cute correlation between stock performance and when Congress is in session.

Insulation vs. Insurance, the start of a most promising Cato Unbound series on health care.

The case against Chinese exceptionalism.

On the proper estimation of uncertain discount rates.

Tyler Cowen on cooking Indian food.

The diminishing role of energy prices.

Prominent among my Christmas gifts received is an Acme Klein Bottle.


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