Monday, November 12, 2007

Today's campus vapidity

I just walked up Bascom Hill. All along the way I saw many little plastic windmills planted in the ground, along with many different photos of undergrads holding up a whiteboard saying "I support clean energy. Do you?" Sophomoric? Yes, but I suppose this could be the work of sophomores. First, everyone who pays federal taxes materially supports research and subsidies for clean energy. Second, Capital-L Libertarians exceptecd, everyone who votes in federal elections almost certainly votes for someone who at least votes in favor of federal money for clean energy research. Third, in the energy market, which of us would actually prefer dirty energy to clean if all other things were equal? Obviously, all things are not equal. So, for the sake of cleaner energy, how much should the government tax and regulate you and your energy suppliers? Should you volunteer monetary support for cleaner energy without waiting for the government to act? How much monetary support, and to whom? Ah, specific questions. Alas, specificity was not to be found, only slogans like "Please be Earth-friendly."

Limp sentiment accomplishes nothing; it just wastes energy.


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