Friday, May 14, 2010

Borges, from a 1976 interview:
In that case, if arguments convince nobody, a man may be convinced by parables or fables or what? Or fictions. Those are far more convincing than the syllogism — and they are, I suppose. Well, of course, when I think of something in terms of Jesus Christ. As far as I remember, he never used arguments; he used style, he used certain metaphors. It’s very strange — yes, and he always used very striking sentences. He would not say, I don’t come to bring peace but war — “I do not come to bring peace but a sword.” The Christ, he thought in parables. Well, according to — I think that it was Blake who said that a man should be — I mean, if he is a Christian — should be not only just but he should be intelligent ... he should also be an artist, since Christ had been teaching art through his own way of preaching, because every one of the sentences of Christ, if not every single utterance of Christ, has a literary value, and may be thought of as a metaphor or as a parable.


Blogger Dr. Pawan Kumar Aryan said...

Dear Dave

Jesus Christs' actions are straightforward and so are his intelligent teachings. We are from India, Hindu. We are fed-up with hypocrisy called Hindu religion. Hindus have divided entire society into castes and made majority to believe they are out castes so serve all other without any complaint. But Jesus Christ inculcated human-groups together and never advocated exploitation. we are struggling to understand more about Jesus Christ and societies transformed by him.

Dr. Pawan Kumar

8/09/2010 2:51 AM  

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