Friday, January 31, 2014

Here's a 2002--2012 educational longitudinal study conducted by the US Dept. of Education of Americans who were HS sophomores in 2002. (N ~ 15,000) The results are generally unsurprising, but let me point out Table 6 (page 16), which shows, among other things, a small and negative correlation between education and job satisfaction.

My main point is that the differences were small (probably statistically insignificant), but if you're curious about the "negative" part... On average, respondents (who were all be about 25 years old in 2012) with bachelor's degrees or higher were slightly less satisfied with their jobs than high-school drop-outs; both of these groups were more satisfied than college drop-outs.

On the other hand, education is strongly correlated (see page 17) with something the study names "work support," which is a linear combination of multiple survey responses that the authors identified through principal factor analysis (page A-13). (I couldn't find any explanation for why they call this quantity "work support.")


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