Friday, March 18, 2016

Positive question: was Rubio the Condorcet winner of the Republican Presidential primary? I don't have the data to say, but it seems at least plausible.

Normative question: Should not the Condorcet winner (if one exists) be the actual winner? (This isn't special pleading; I didn't vote for Rubio in Texas.) Why not let voters somehow rank candidates on their ballots?


Blogger Joseph said...

I suspect Cruz would be the winner using approval voting.

3/20/2016 1:03 PM  
Blogger David Milovich said...

Cruz is also a plausible Condorcet winner. I'm unsure who would have won a Rubio vs. Cruz race. I feel more confident asserting that Trump is the Condorcet loser among the last four: Cruz, Kasich, Rubio, Trump.

3/21/2016 9:56 AM  

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